Eyelash Extensions in Vancouver, BC

Professional Eyelash Extensions Vancouver

Moda Lash is one of the top locations for Eyelash Extensions in Vancouver, BC. We’ve been applying Professional Eyelash Extensions since 2015 and have hundreds of happy clients. If you live in Vancouver, or just visiting the city, We encourage you to come and visit our studio in Kitsilano neighbourhood.

We are receiving great reviews both from our clients and local publishers. We are proud to be featured on local listings such as; 11 Places In Vancouver That Will Make Your Lashes Perfect, Top 6 Vancouver Salons for Eyelash Extensions, 7 Places to Get Luscious Lashes in Vancouver and many others. Moda Lash is regarded as one of the fastest, most affordable, and best Eyelash Extension services in Vancouver.


If you are looking for affordable service pricing or eyelash extension deals in Vancouver – feel safe, because you are at the right place.

CLASSIC SET (Synthetic Silk Lash) One synthetic silk false lash is applied to one natural eyelash.

CLASSIC SET (Flat Lash) It has 1/2 thinner root and split tip which gives more volume. 3 times lighter than regular lash and last 35% longer.


2D Two fine lashes is applied on one natural lash.

HYBRID Mix of Classic and Volume lash. Well known for Kim Kardashian lash.

RUSSIAN VOLUME 3-6 very light lashes on one single eyelash. Requires fill every 3 weeks.

Along with the services above, Moda Lash is offering Lash Removal, Lash Shampoo and Lash Lifting & Tinting.


Professional eyelash expert and trainer, Rachel Hong shares her knowledge, skills and techniques to future lashionistas in her latest eyelash courses. Her passion for lashes and experience in the field reveals the guidelines and tricks to being a successful eyelash professional. Step by Step instructions, appointment preparation, specific eye structures, maintenance, safety, contraindications and much more is included to ensure proper understanding of the classic lash technique. Eyelash extensions are quickly rising in popularity creating opportunities to earn money as an independent beautician and lash stylist. Get on board and lash your way to success!

LOCATION: Kitsilano - Vancouver, BC

2720 west 4th Ave, Vancouver